Spring 2021

2021 Spring Palmetto Pre-K Jamboree

March 5, 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Public Pre-K/preschool teachers, support staff and administrators serving 4-year-old children in South Carolina experienced an empowering day of learning. With four top-notch presenters, 17 breakout session options and a 20-minute yoga break, this Jamboree is sure to have breathed new life and re-energized the more than 1,300 participants.

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Opening Keynote Presenter: L. Kobie Da Wiz

Nurturing Community to Build Unity (1hr PD)

This interactive keynote EDU-tains and inspires participants with music storytelling and strategies to cultivate community to grow the child. By understanding the importance of community, participants leave excited and ready to implement the tools and strategies he has shared with thousands of early childhood professionals. Participants leave with:

1) A clear definition of what community is

2) How community is created and cultivated

3) Strategies and tools to build community

4) How to instill UNITY in the Community

Keynote speaker #2: Marianne Gibbs, EdD, OTR - Write Out of the Box

Fine Motor Skills…Write Out of the Box! (1 hr PD) 

This interactive session focuses on documentation and assessment methods for handwriting readiness and scissor skill proficiency. Enhance parent conference interactions and your professional articulation of student progress with objective and meaningful information produced from these methods.

Keynote speaker #3: Dr. Becky Bailey - Conscious Discipline

3 Super Powers for Nurturing a Community (1hr PD)

We have all been pushed to the edge of our resilience and many have been tossed beyond what their nervous system can tolerate. Becky Bailey explores the 3 Super Powers we all need to move beyond surviving to thriving as we reinvent education equitably for the whole adult and the whole child.

Closing Keynote Presenter: 2020 National Teacher of the Year Tabatha Rosproy - Staying Connected to your Purpose & Ingredients for Success

Council of Chief State School Officers™ 2020 National Teacher of the Year,

Winfield Early Learning Center, Kansas

*Video welcome from SC Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman and keynote introduction by 2021 SC Teacher of the Year Sarah Schumacher Gams

(1.5 hrs PD)

For the FIRST time in the history of the National Teacher of the Year program, a preschool teacher of 4-year-old children has been selected as the 2020 NTOY! Tabatha Rosproy encourages educators to reflect on their purpose in becoming an educator and the importance of connecting to your mission through your practice. She shares thoughts on fostering relationships between students and community, peer to peer relationships to build school community, building family partnerships, the importance of advocacy for early education and the importance of play, as an adult and in our practice. Join us!


Breakout Option #1


L. Kobie Da Wiz

Using Music & Literacy to Build the WHOLE Child

(1 hr CU) (Click to session survey from L.Kobie Da Wiz *using Google forms)

L. Kobie DA WIZ pulls back the curtain to show the how and the why he uses music and literacy to educate and motivate. This interactive workshop will teach participants the why behind using music, and how music, movement and literacy help develop the brain, body and soul of children. Participants come away with tools and strategies to use, but more importantly gain some understanding of the science behind it.

Breakout Option #2


Marianne Gibbs, EdD, OTR/L, Write Out of the Box!®

Shapes, Symbols, and Scissor Skills Sequenced for Success

(1 hr PD)

This interactive session focuses on documentation and assessment methods for handwriting readiness and scissor skill proficiency. Enhance parent conference interactions and your professional articulation of student progress with objective and meaningful information produced from these methods.

Breakout Option #3


Ablean Hanna & Herk Huggins, SC Department of Education

Dealing with Stress in the Family

(1 hr PD) (Click to view session recording

Whether stress is created from outside influences or from within the family unit due to interrelationships, it often produces a ripple effect on each family member. No family member is immune to stress, but families who are in harmony and balance through constant movement, growing and change in a pattern can continue functioning well during these times. This session identifies signs of stress in the families and recognize ways with which to help families support their children.

Breakout Option #4


Susan Murphy, Elizabeth Supan & Emily Williams, SC Department of Education

Diversity, Inclusion and Access for Multilingual Learners (MLs)

(1 hr PD) (Click to view session recording)

Multilingual learners bring diverse cultural identities and new perspectives to strengthen our classrooms and communities in South Carolina. Learn how to identify provisional MLs and provide access for MLs through instruction and services to foster language development.

Breakout Option #5


Kerri Kannengieser, SC Partnerships for Inclusion

Enhancing Social Emotional Skills for Young Children   

(1 hr CG)   (Click to view session handout)

Session participants learn about the Pyramid Model framework and explore evidence-based practices for promoting young children’s healthy social and emotional development. Universal supports for all children, as well as targeted social emotional strategies to prevent challenging behavior, are discussed. Resources and tools to support emotional literacy, controlling anger and impulse, problem solving, and partnering with families are provided.

Breakout Option #6


Amy Holbert, Family Connection of SC

Family Engagement Resources in Early Childhood

(1 hr PD) (Click to view session slides)

This interactive workshop looks at family engagement along with the benefits and importance of parent-school partnerships. We also address challenges that arise with family engagement and discuss strategies to improve these partnerships.

Breakout Option #7


Donna Fowler, Teaching Strategies®

Guided and Supported: Using the Creative Curriculum® Guided Edition

(1 hr CU)

This session is about guiding teachers to support the development and learning of children and engaging families regardless of where the it is taking place— in school, at home or through a hybrid model.

Breakout Option #8


Jennifer Reed, JFK Consultants LLC & Head Start/ Early HS Reviewer

Here We Grow Again!

(1 hr PD)  (Click to view session recording)

This session shows participants ideas of new ways to teach children during the pandemic. It is high energy with tons of hands-on activities.

Breakout Option #9


Joy Anthony & Amy Smith, SC Department of Education

High Quality Literacy-Rich Environments

(1 hr CU)  (Click to view session recording

Explore the elements that make up a literacy-rich environment - we provide examples from 4K classrooms in South Carolina!

Breakout Option #10


Shayla Pettigrew, SC First Steps 4K

Learning Math in Everyday Play

(1 hr CU)   (Click to view session slides)

Participants using a play-based curriculum explore ways to engage children in math activities throughout the day in a pre-k setting.

Breakout Option #11


Shaun “Rogers” Rogers, Roylco Inc. & Kaplan Early Learning Co.

Not Your Average Workshop Featuring the Other Mr. Rogers and the Marvelous Maryellen

(1 hr CU)  (Click to view session recording)

Learning never stops, and children are constantly learning by exploring and expressing their ideas. Children learn about the world and the environment they live in through creative experiences! These exciting hands-on activities help teachers and parents engage their children and create an open-ended dialogue full of essential knowledge and life experiences.


Breakout Option #12


Wendy Burgess & Tina Shaw, SC Department of Education (SCDE)

Nurturing School Readiness

(1 hr PD)  (Click to view session recording)


The SCDE Office of Early Learning and Literacy partners with the Office of Assessment to offer a session focusing on early learning and assessment. The session allows participants the opportunity to build on their understanding of school readiness and readiness assessments and how to utilize the data for goal setting aligned to the South Carolina Early Learning Standards (SC-ELS) and South Carolina College-and Career-Ready Standards.

Breakout Option #13


Lynn Kuykendall & Angela Compton, SC Department of Education

Purposeful Play Leads to School Readiness

(1 hr CU) (Click to view session recording)


Participants learn how purposeful play provides a context for learning so that it is meaningful to children and results in long-term understanding and concept development. Participants will have the opportunity to explore and plan developmentally appropriate learning centers that link the classroom environment to the SC-ELS and the 5K South Carolina College- and Career-Ready Standards.

Breakout Option #14


Faith Davis, SCPITC- Be Well Care Well

Resilience & Thriving: Owning Your Well-being

(1 hr PD)  (Click to view session recording)

Identify stress and coping cycles while exploring self-care strategies to help you own your well-being. Learn steps that you can take to prioritize yourself and combat stress.

Breakout Option #15


Jessie Olson, Lakeshore Learning Materials

Supporting Children through Challenging Times

(1 hr CG)

During this time of great uncertainty, many children and families are experiencing trauma and toxic stress. Learn how to prepare children for changes in routines and procedures and explain why changes had to occur. By acknowledging and identifying feelings, having patience with children who may take more time to adjust and continuing to partner with families, we support the children we serve to meet not only their physical needs, but their emotional needs as well.

Breakout Option #16


Tanvi Solanki, ABC Quality (ABCQ)

Supporting the Needs of Dual Language Learners (DLL)

(1 hr CU)

Engage with the facilitators to acknowledge the unique strengths and needs of DLLs and collaboratively come up with strategies to support them in Early Childhood programs. Facilitators highlight how ABCQ supports DLL policies and practices through our tools. 

Breakout Option #17


Cathy Kovacs, M.Ed. ABC Quality (ABCQ) 

Teaching Strategies that Support Social Emotional Development of Children

(1 hr CG)

Supporting young children's healthy social and emotional development is essential to promote overall well-being! ABC Quality explores teaching strategies from The Pyramid Model to promote social and emotional behavioral outcomes of children in your program.



Yoga Break: Tricia Ryel Richter SEVA YOGA of Columbia

Breathe Through Change (no DSS credit) (Click to view session recording * Click for session handout)

This 20-minute practice is designed to empower you to use our simplest tools- the breath and the body- to regain a sense of peace and equanimity in troubled moments. Learn to navigate change and uncertainty with a little more ease as we stretch gently and breathe deeply. All levels welcome- no experience or mat necessary!

“The project described was supported by the Preschool Development Grant Birth through Five Initiative (PDG B-5), Grant Number 90TP0080-01-00, from the Office of Child Care, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.”

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