SC Family Voice Council Members

Meet our members


Ibukun Adedokun

Ibukun Adedokun is a Medical Laboratory Scientist. She graduated with a master's degree in Public Health and Organizational Leadership. Her passion is women's health and nutrition, and she loves to advocate for early childhood development.

Ashley Berendzen

Ashley Berendzen is the mother of two children, a wife, and an artist. Ashley enjoys painting, being outdoors with her family,  and attending live local outdoor music events.

Nadya Brown

Nadya Brown graduated from SC State University in 2001 with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and has a Master of Art degree in Human Resources Development. She has two young sons, Mason and Myles.

Samantha Carpenter

Samantha Carpenter, a mom of three, knows there is no one size fits all solution to the variety of issues SC families are facing. By being apart of SC Family Council she hopes to strengthen the states’ understanding of the ever changing needs of SC families and to share effective & efficient programs with the communities who need it most. As the saying goes, “It takes a Village”.

Deneshia Craig

Deneshia Craig is a mom of four children, ages 2, 4, 6 and 11. She loves to read, shop and spend time with her family, but her passion is helping people.

Rosa Contreras

Rosa Contreras is a wife and mom of five wonderful kids. She is a Parent Educator, but her passion is being a voice for the Latino community.

Ferlecia Cuthbertson

Ferlecia Cuthbertson is a wife, Mom of three amazing children ranging in ages from toddler to young adult and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management. Her Love for her community of Williston/Elko has led to her involvement in many organizations.

Corina Esaw

Corina Esaw is a mother of five and grandmother of eight. Of her eight grands, she has been blessed with the honor and role of parenting the oldest. She enjoys reading, learning new things, arts and crafts, and helping others in need.

Christina Hooker

Christina Hooker is a mother of three and currently works as a realtor. She enjoys the outdoors, reading and crafting with her family. 

Khadija Kershaw

Khadija Kershaw is a single parent. She is serving on the Family Voice Council to be a voice for single moms who don’t have a support system and want to give their children a better life and brighter future.

Tammy Riley

Tammy Riley is a mother of three, grandmother of two, and a community mom to many. She has worked in the educational system for over 24 years. She also has served as the PTA fundraiser coordinator, Girl Scout troop leader/service unit cookie manager, cheerleader coach, youth Sunday school teacher, youth director, and so many other programs and projects. She has a love for baking and crafting/Do-it-Yourself projects. 

Samirah Sawyer

Samirah Sawyer is a wife, mother and entrepreneur. She is serving on the SC Family Voice Council to be a voice to the voiceless and to help better the lives for families across the midlands. 

Markeisha Spencer

Markeisha Spencer is a mother of four well-rounded children, and she loves to collect books in her spare time. She is currently pursuing a degree in Human Services.

Tre Tailor

Tre Tailor is an award-winning multi-media broadcast professional who through her firm, Tailor Made Productions, handles media, marketing, public relations and audio/video projects for various size companies, organizations, events and more. Her life became filled with love and joy when she became a full-time caregiver to her young grandchildren, Julius and Isabelle, who affectionately call her TuTu.

Richard Williams

Reverend Richard Williams, Jr. is a native of Conway, S.C. is the senior pastor of Mt. Vernon Missionary Baptist Church in Nichols, S.C. He and his wife Meghan, his high school sweetheart, have three beautiful children, Caleb, Jenna-Grace and Johnson. 

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