South Carolina’s Early Childhood Advisory Council is a collaborative body representing the state’s early childhood system. Established in law, the ECAC includes the directors of eight state agencies and government entities that provide state- and federally-funded services to young children. South Carolina First Steps coordinates the activities of the council.


Stakeholders and Community

Convene and mobilize agencies, organizations, and individuals focused on early childhood health, education and development to ensure all children reach their highest potential.



Advise the administration and legislature on policy and systems improvements that affect young children.

Sharing Our Work

Preschool Development Grant B-5 Updates

December 22, 2021

PDG Progress Notes: Needs Assessment Round Two Findings

Needs assessment findings are intended to help facilitate collaboration so that stakeholders can explore where they are addressing/ meeting needs of parents and caregivers; identify additional areas of focus to better understand needs identified and begin the work of aligning current/future strategies with the state’s strategic plan. […]

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September 15, 2021

ECAC Council Briefs - September 2021

To achieve our shared vision of success for every child, the Early Childhood Advisory Council has spearheaded the development of a comprehensive plan for the state’s early childhood system. […]

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