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A memo sent to all South Carolina districts giving guidance on adhering to the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) requirement with respect to preschool placements for young students with disabilities (SCDOE - SC Department of Education)  

An annual publication that provides a detailed picture of how children are faring in the United States, ranking states on overall child well-being and in the domains of economic well-being, education, health and family and community. SC DATA LINK (Annie E. Casey Foundation)

Act 86 of 1993 requires local educational agencies (LEAs) to serve children with disabilities ages three through five. This state mandate represented a downward extension of all the requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Public Law 101-476. One of the stipulations of the state mandate is the requirement for the submission of a report to the South Carolina General Assembly. (ACESD - Advisory Council for Educating Students with Disabilities) 

The Analysis of Kindergarten Readiness Assessments(KRA) evaluates and measures school readiness of students from 2018-2019, prior to their entrance into a pre-kindergarten or kindergarten program. (SC Education Oversight Committee)

A report of valid and reliable information on children’s learning and development across the essential domains of school readiness providing evidence of the technical qualities of the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment, including its reliability and validity for use as a measure of school readiness

The ABC Grow Healthy 5 Year Report is a five-year(2012-2017) review on improving nutrition and physical activity environment of ABC Quality child care centers in South Carolina. The nutrition and physical activity standards are to increase children's consumption of healthy foods and time spent being physically active while in child care. (DHEC - SC Department of Health and Environmental Control, in partnership with DSS - SC Department of Social Services) 

The Live Healthy South Carolina State Health Assessment is a comprehensive description of the health status of South Carolinians and will be used to inform health improvement plans at the state and community levels. It also serves as a resource for organizations that need access to health data. MATERNAL AND INFANT HEALTH REPORT & RESILIENT CHILDREN PRIORITY  (Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina )

The 2018-2023 South Carolina State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) provides a vision for continuous health improvement. It outlines priority areas and includes strategies to improve the health of all people in South Carolina. It is a tool for health care professionals, government agencies, community-based organizations, advocates, academicians, policy makers, and other stakeholders to use to catalyze action that will leverage resources and focus work towards measurable improvement. PLAN SUMMARY  (Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina)

A memorandum of understanding of how Head Start and special education for preschoolers will work together to strengthen the cooperative services offered to the state's children with disabilities, ages three through five (SCDOE - SC Department of Education) 

The South Carolina Early Childhood Workforce Survey 2018, funded by the SCDSS Division of Early Care and Education, is the largest, most comprehensive survey of the state’s early childhood workforce, representing feedback from over 4,000 practitioners across the state. The results of the study reports the voices from people in South Carolina working in a variety of child care, Head Start/ Early Head Start, and public 4-K programs, holding various positions, thus, providing valuable insights into South Carolina’s ECE workforce.

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